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Emerging Technologies in Computer Science

Emerging Technologies in Computer Science

Emerging Technology is a term that encompasses technology so difficult it just made an appearance today! 

We refer to modern technology by applying the scientific theories of computer science that will help bring about products, apps, or services that are not available yet. We will probably continue to use modern technology as we got them today, and we don’t promise to eliminate all current modern technology. 

However, through emerging technology, we introduce new technologies that can power our future more effectively than the existing modern technology. These technologies are not intended to replace current technology, but to enhance a reasonable degree of computer science.

1. Blockchain

Blockchain technology has recently been introduced to the world, and it has to use one key application, which is really about the use of those by other people. Blockchain technology does allow for transactions and helps reduce the possibility of corruption by human beings. 

This technology has to be applied in computer science for design and design solutions which would help build a better picture of our daily lives. We can add great value to a user’s life by understanding their needs. Blockchain technology is a technology that has a great potential for computer science. This is why we are addressing blockchain to have an emerging technology in our field.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality makes use of graphics and computer video. This technology comes in a variety of technology, which is enabling a virtual world for users. This technology also works out of pairs of minds to stimulate the user’s mind and perform new functions that can help the user perform certain tasks such as naming objects. 

This technology is intended to help research and develop technical applications that can serve as the outline of new fields related to computer science. These applications need to be had because there must be a physical world environment in which the users could sit and experience the Virtual Reality technology to be useful to them. The form of innovation that is due to its usage of Virtual Reality technology is a synthetic simulation of those mind experiences of the user.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an invention that has helped future research and development. This technology allows us to have a virtual environment that can be used as the basis to discuss the needs of human beings. This can help us develop new computers research functions. This technology can also assist in creating creative software that can be used by the market. 

Artificial Intelligence has great potential to help the advancement of the field of computer science. Artificial Intelligence technology has the potential to be the introduction to the field of computer science. As a matter of fact, the availability of the technologies that will help increase the involvement in the field of computer science allows us to become stronger and more good when compared to the beginning of the fields.

 4. Biological Systems 

The importance of the research and development of research and development for Biological Systems is to be made with consideration of study and development of efficient and effective ways to reduce, store and produce the livestock. These research applications are really hard to do on their own, thus making other related fields such as computer science. One of the applications of these technological requirements to cause us and others to work on it is to discover natural medicine which will benefit the aging process.

5. Smart Virtual Machines

Smart virtual machines are actually old technology made to help, as well as support the development of AI and computer science. The development of smart virtual machines is an effective way of having a physical world application. These systems contain a system that is utilized as a very large independent system, which would then receive inputs from the data system which would be its input and output system. This system may facilitate information flow from the data system into a diverse communication network on the web, and this can allow the networking of multiple systems that are otherwise difficult.

6. Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a new technological advancement that allows us to connect with anything around us. As stated in an article on Forbes, “Internet of Things” refers to automation, data storage, networking, evaluation, and marketing of an associated body of applications. As a result, computer science has to be an important field for the innovation of Internet of Things technologies. This is why Computer Science has been discussed in this essay. However, we should clarify that the discussion does not talk about generalizing a statement; instead, it talks about a study between 2012 and 2016.

Emerging Technologies in Computer Science


So, these were some of the emerging technologies of the future that have the potential to change the world. But advancement also comes with some adverse effects mainly on people’s living, especially employment. When companies replace workers with a robot, a person and his family will suffer. 

Then what should have been done? 

With changing economic environments, there must be a way to upgrade a worker besides upgrading the tools or machines only. e.g. if a worker is trained to operate the robotic machines then it will be fair instead of firing him off the job.

Therefore, anyone can make to the future economy let us know in the comments what other industries do you think will come to define the upcoming era.

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