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Can health insurance cover the cost of treatment?

What is mental health insurance? When it comes to counseling, people almost always wonder how much it costs with or without a health plan and how to pay for it. The healthcare system and the marketplace can be confusing, but people seek mental health care daily, and we’re here to tell you about the many mental health benefits available.

Covered Therapy: Coverage Tips You Need to Know

What types of insurance plans are there for therapy?

There are many ways to pay for mental health care. What does health insurance cover and what can’t be confusing at first glance? The Mental Health Equity Act is part of the Affordable Care Act, which requires major health insurance providers and health plans to provide equal coverage for mental illness (including the coverage and drug treatment). Contact your insurance provider for more information.

What types of therapy are covered?

Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy answer to whether your health plan covers therapy or mental health services. The law does not require small health insurance companies with less than fifty employees to have health insurance covering the costs of treatment. The GP’s office can also help with these questions, and you can always contact your health insurance benefits department or your insurance company to check your mental health coverage.

Common coverage issues

Many companies that are not regulated by the Affordable Care Act or the Mental Health Parity Act choose to protect the mental health of their employees. The mental health benefits can be confusing, so we’ll outline some of the things to watch out for. Before a therapist visits, it is important to find out if he or she pays for your health insurance. One way to find out is to provide your provider with the information on your insurance policy.

Family members may find it helpful to become familiar with the CHIP Children’s Health Insurance Program. People who have been diagnosed with a mental illness, substance use disorder, or other mental illness can get the medical benefits they need and get more information through the Consumer Assistance Program.

Medicaid is a good choice for family members, especially those who have been diagnosed with a disorder, mental illness, pre-existing illness, or who are seeking health insurance/CHIP for children. Learn more about this program at

If you are interested in minimizing costs, you can seek in-office talking therapy, which is covered by your insurance. However, many online therapy options (which may not be included in some market packages) can be significantly less expensive than online options.

Questions to ask your insurance

Are there certain mental health services/therapists that my health plan does not cover?

Do I have coverage for therapy/therapists if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

What is the privacy policy/terms of service of this mental health service/therapist?

How many therapy sessions does my health plan cover per year?

Do I have a deduction to pay before my health plan covers services from my health plan?

Do individual or group health plans require co-payments?

Do I need a referral from my PCP for a GP?

insurance network provider

A network provider is a provider that accepts health insurance as a form of payment. In this case, health insurance pays for part of the mental health care. Although they may receive mental health insurance, network health care providers are “inside” your health plan’s network.

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