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INSURANCEPOST.MY.ID – Most insurance companies are redundant hazard groups, a type of threat management practice. 

In this system, insurance planning companies, and the spirit of term insurance thinking is similar to those used to describe the distribution of risks, etc., floods, earthquakes, as insurance business companies can provide security against possible losses. , a pool, becomes part of the form. 

They are pressured to work in risk pooling insurance plans are clearly not pooled. In particular, it provides subsidies to motivate participation in the absence of stable support for the voluntary pool hazard insurance distinction. 

Managing the supply chain is an vital notion of hazard sharing. is one of the requirements of the distribution of dangers across exclusive places is collected, because the demand for combination demand thru house suggests that the variability is reduced, it is one of the tremendous demand patron is possibly to be offset through other low demand. 

This variability can be decreased by using reducing protection stock and average stock is reduced.

For example: centralized distribution system, the warehouse to decrease variability as the preferred deviation or coefficient of variation, which leads to all customers that works.

Risk pooling three fundamental points:

Centralized stock of device protection and saves the common inventory. It is negatively related to market demand, the coefficient of version increased than the advantages of centralized system; Plus, the benefits of chance compensation.

The benefits of risk pooling is directly structured on market behavior. We examine the two markets and market demand is extra or less than the common demand, we are wonderful about the market demand, if say, This is defined as follows. 

The effective correlation between market demands, when you consider that the advantages of pooling risk decreases.


Are public entities such as authorities agencies, without that it is for the Intergovernmental Risk Pool (IRP), which operates below the equal typical principles. Therefore, they have agreed to share IRP is the value of the hazard of losses and contributions (premiums) are signed with its members, alternative chance financing and price transfer process. 

In different words, the Intergovernmental Risk Pool A exposure, the hazard of liability or to finance public entities joined in a cooperative group.

Intergovernmental Risk Pool, which may also include, however, the authorities, the joint powers authority, association, organization, trust, and over the hedge fund is limited.

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