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A Comprehensive Look at Allstate’s Car Insurance Coverage Options and Discounts

A Comprehensive Look at Allstate's Car Insurance Coverage Options and Discounts

As one of the most popular insurance companies in America, Allstate offers its customers several different car insurance coverage options and plenty of valuable discounts to help save money on premiums. 

But what are these insurance policies, and how can you use them to save on car insurance? Read on to learn more about the various Allstate car insurance plans, what they cover, and how you can take advantage of discounts like the Allstate Good Driver program, the Drive Safe & Save discount, and many others. 

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Why you need auto insurance

Driving your car is a privilege, not a right. That means it’s important to be responsible when you’re on the road. It also means that you should have the proper coverage for your vehicle. If you don’t currently have auto insurance, here are some reasons why it could be in your best interest to purchase a policy: 

-You will be protected if you get into an accident. 

-You can be compensated for damages if someone else injures you or damages your property. 

-You may need auto insurance if you drive another person’s car or rent one while yours is in the shop. 

-Insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who maintain good driving records or take defensive driving courses (such as online ones). -If you live in certain states, like California, and own a newer model car with low mileage, then your rates will be lower. 

-Some states require liability insurance before issuing registration stickers or plates. Be sure to check out these requirements before buying your next policy. 

-Auto insurance rates vary depending on what company you choose as well as where you live and how old your vehicle is. Find the right fit by comparing policies online.

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Getting the most bang for your buck

Onstar Members get 20% off their auto insurance premiums when they choose National General as their carrier. 

– Get an instant, personalized quote online or over the phone 

– Select National General as your preferred carrier 

– Your Onstar account will automatically be updated with a 20% discount on any policies you purchase from us. 

– Ask about this exclusive offer at your nearest agent office today! – Coverage: Homeowners, Renters, Auto 

– Agents: Call 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828) for more information or click below to request an auto quote now. 

What types of auto insurance coverages are there?

When it comes to auto insurance, there are three main types of coverages: liability, collision, and comprehensive. Liability coverage is often required by law in order for you to operate your vehicle legally in some states. 

It pays for the damages that you cause to others with your vehicle in an accident. Collision coverage is often bundled with liability in one policy, but pays for damages caused when you hit another object or another object hits you (i.e., if you’re rear-ended).

 Comprehensive coverage protects against loss or damage not related to accidents (i.e., hail damage), such as fire, vandalism, theft, or animal collisions with your car. So what type of coverage do I need? That depends largely on what state you live in, how old you are, and how much money you make. 

For example, most drivers will want to choose liability insurance only because they are likely covered by their own health care provider for injuries incurred during accidents. 

However, drivers who have assets worth more than $1 million might want to add both collision and comprehensive coverage so that they can file a claim should their car be totaled due to an accident. 

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What about uninsured/underinsured motorist protection?

Types of discounts offered

National General offers many different types of discounts, including: 

– Good student discount: Student must be attending or have graduated from an accredited high school or college; cannot receive this discount if they are under 23 years old; and must have maintained good grades in school. 

– Multi-car discount: Must insure at least two cars with National General and maintain good driving records. 

– Homeowners discounts: There are several different types of home discounts offered by National General such as good driver, safe driving, and new homeowner. 

A good driver is someone who has not been convicted of any moving violations within the past three years and has a clean driving record for the past five years. Safe drivers are those who do not drive more than 40 miles per hour over the speed limit, avoid running red lights or stop signs, keep a distance of three seconds behind other vehicles, stay off their cell phone while driving, don’t drink alcohol while driving, and don’t smoke while operating their vehicle. 

New homeowners can save money when they insure their house with National General because they will receive up to 10% off their policy cost every year for three consecutive years as long as there is no lapse in coverage.

Agents offering low cost policies

National General Insurance is an Allstate company that offers home and auto insurance coverage. Whether you’re looking for affordable car insurance or need a home policy, there are plenty of solutions to choose from. Get started by filling out this form for up to 20% off your premium when you call one of our agents. Your agent will work with you to make sure you have the right protection at an affordable price. 

Founded in 1931, National General Insurance was founded as a subsidiary of North American Life & Casualty. Originally named The Ohio State Fire and Casualty Company, it later became known as North American Indemnity Company in 1965 before being renamed National Indemnity Company in 1985.

By then it had become part of what is now The Allstate Corporation (formerly North American Financial Group) which acquired it in 1994. For over 85 years we’ve been committed to delivering competitively priced home and auto coverage tailored specifically to your needs–call now for a free quote!

What is the cheapest month to buy car insurance?

Save up to 10% if you have infrequent driving (fewer than 7,500 miles a year). This discount applies only to auto liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage. It does not apply to comprehensive or collision coverages.

Insurance is more affordable when you keep your mileage low, so don’t forget about this benefit when shopping for new auto insurance at National General Insurance: Offering Home and Auto Coverage Find an agent or get a quote today. 

National General, an Allstate company, offers coverage to help protect your home, vehicle, … car on mountain road As one of the nation’s largest providers of homeowners, renters, life and health insurance, Allstate Corporation helps people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams. 

National General offers competitively priced packages that combine homeowners/renters with auto coverage that protects you in case of theft or accident. 

For example, we offer $1 million dollars in combined property damage liability limits to provide financial protection should your home be burglarized by someone who also damages your car. 

Please call our toll-free number today and let us help tailor a package that suits all of your needs.

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